05 November 2005

Another Day in the Neighborhood

Yeah! Another crappy day in the wonderful city of Waukegan. It is like 45 degrees and pouring rain. It has been a relatively slow day (damn! why did I just say that!?). We have done four calls so far. We took a guy back to the hospital from the MRI, then took another guy to a home address in Winthrop Harbor. Then it was off to lunch, where we proceeded to watch another rig fly by the restaurant to a nursing home we could have easily been at 20 minutes ago. Oh well. As soon as we left we got an emergency call to a nursing home for a patient with a fever. (You're really sending me lights and sirens to this?) Anyways, another routine transport to the ER for no reason later, we got another emergency call for "abdominal pain." At least that call almost warranted an ambulance. Now we are back in quarters and out of the monsoon rain storm outside. It was already dark out by like 2pm and it seems like it should be morning already. That would be nice considering it is only 1900. Wish me luck on a slow night! Tomorrow is another busy day- with hopefully some excitement, at the firehouse.


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