07 November 2005

"911...No, you can't have an emergency right now..."

Wow! A day off. And as usual I hear my pager go off several times. This is completely normal when I have a day off. The fire department gets all the good calls. Structure fire, cardiac arrest, wildfire at the state park. I just sit and listen- knowing that as soon as I go back to the station nothing will happen. The whole world will stop and know that I'm working.

I think the dispatch there hates me too. They must keep track of my schedule, and when someone calls 911 and I happen to be working they just tell them "Sorry, Katie's working and we couldn't possibly make her day by giving her a call....Yes ma'm I know your house is on fire. Just start spraying it with your garden hose....Yes sir I know you're having chest pain; could you call back in an hour, because Katie gets off at 1700." I just don't understand. Hmph.

I did do some really fun stuff in class tonight though. We got to watch a slideshow about salvage and overhaul, and then watch 2 videos about the same damn thing. I think I should now be a certified salvage-cover folder. The movie showed 2 guys folding a salvage cover while a narrator told us what they were doing. Then we got to watch them do it again in "real time" with music. Wow. You can't beat that. I almost asked my instructor for a copy of the video for home entertainment.

I have my Mod B state test on Saturday the 12th. I can't believe I only have a month left of the academy. Lots to look forward to- fire calls that will never come while I'm on shift, having to throw hose at a fire scene and look like a jackass because Lord knows-I still can't do it, and best of all no more videos! Yeah!


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