08 April 2007


Sorry once again I haven't written much recently. I am really trying to get myself on the right track. Let's just say I'm having some life problems right now. Or something.

But I do almost have a story. Not about a call per-say....but a dream. I had a dream in my like 1/2 hour of sleep about a call. It was a full arrest. All out-CPR, rhythms, starting lines, pushing drugs, etc. It was like a mega-code in medic school. Haha. It didn't really bother me until I got to the firehouse this morning...I think bother is the wrong word. Maybe concern. I was talking with my partner and he was like, oh shit! I had a dream that I was doing CPR! So yeah. Hopefully it doesn't come true today. I would like a nice (insert "s" word) day :).


Anonymous kingmagic said...

Glad you,re back.
Hope you are getting plenty of backup from crew-mates etc.

When I had probs (marriage, life etc) I always remembered my family motto:
"Semper In Faciebus, Sumus Sole Profundum Variat!"

translates: "We,re always in the shit, its just the depth that varies!"

Welcome back...

Blogger Phil Hayes said...

Great job on the blog. We added you to the new EMSVillage.com blog directory tonight. Keep up the great blogging and look forward to the new content!


Anonymous Wendy said...

Just wanted to check out other firefighter blogs. Come by and see mine if you get a chance!

Blogger Alexandra said...

I am a student working on stress and emergency personnel. I am looking to find personnel who are willing to share their stories (with lots of details, however, all info is confidential) about stressful events and how others (e.g. supervisor, partners) reacted and whether it was helpful or not helpful. Would you be willing to share some of your stories with me ?
Either way thanks (for your help and for what you do for others).

Anonymous NJ EMS said...

Remember-Head tilt chin lift then....lol

Blogger Lifeguard326 said...

I have had the same type of dreams, ussualy on the night befor I go back to work. I thinks its the way my brain gettis its self ready for what ever may come...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's al; in your days work I guess. It happens.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's al; in your days work I guess. It happens.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's all in a days work right?. It happens.


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Anonymous William Crawford said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Aucklandir said...

Oi chick. Its been 5 years since you posted on your blog!! Gte blogging again. Its very therapeutic and we want to know how you are doing :)

Blogger Aaron Grey said...

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