12 March 2006


We bummed around for the majority of the day. Not much to do. It was rainy and cold. We did try to fly a small rubber-band powered airplane through the hallways, and fly a battery-powered airplane in the courtyard. Both crashed and broke. Nice.

We headed out to MacArthur airport around 1700 for our flight. The roads weren't too bad, but there was some fog. We boarded the plane on time and taxied on the runway...and were still on the runway. The captain came over the intercom to tell us the visibility was reduced and that we would wait to see if it would improve. Needless to say, it didn't, and we went back to the gate. We got off the plane, as the flight was cancelled, went to the counter, got tickets for the morning and called a cab. We went back to the apartment and relaxed. Hopefully we have better luck tomorrow. I am supposed to be doing a walk through and home inspection of a house I plan on purchasing at 1000.


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