25 February 2006

Busy Week

I have been running my ass off all week. My apartment is finally starting to look better. I got one room completely painted. Finally.

Work was crazy too. I worked shift on Monday and we got our butts kicked. I think we only ran maybe seven calls in 16 hours, but I was in the city, out west, in Wisconsin...all over the place.

Thursday's shift wasn't too bad. We ran about 5 calls in 24 hours. Nothing too exciting.

My hands are still messed up-especially my right one (thank God I'm left handed!). The swelling has gone down, but my skin is peeling. Yucky. I got feeling back in my left hand by Monday morning. My right hand is really weak; it feels like I had a stroke. I can't hold anything without dropping it, and it hurts to squeeze anything. My palm and thumb are really swollen; the base of my thumb (by the palm of my hand) is bruised. I'm not too sure what that is from. I found multiple other bruises-most of which I can identify the cause. My knees are bruised and swollen, but that is definitely from crawling through debris. My left elbow is bruised-that is from bashing it into an electrical conduit while breaching a wall. Good times. I look like a victim of abuse. I guess I am, but it is self inflicted...just not on purpose.

I went up to northern Wisconsin on Friday morning. I had to move more of my Mom's stuff. I also visited with some family that I haven't seen for nearly a year. We got back tonight. I'm back on shift in the AM.


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