14 May 2006

Am I really still here?!

I should have been off at 0500. There was no medic on the schedule so I agreed to stay. I worked until 1700. A very long day. I'm tired. And I want to spend some time with my mom on mother's day!

I took my mom out for dinner after I got off at 1700. Not too relaxing considering I had to be back to work at 2000. I'll make it up next week. I got last second tickets to Jerry Seinfeld. Yeah!

We got a call for a gas leak around midnight. I was just excited that my officer let me go. I figured that since I was the medic I wouldn't be allowed to go. But, for a change, I got to go. The smell of gas was strong, but all we could really do was shut it off. We were there for maybe an hour. That was the first call I actually got to pack up for (SCBA). Not too exciting for most-but I had a good time.

I looked at next month's schedule and I am actually scheduled for a couple nights as the firefighter (not as the medic)!!! Finally :)


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