10 May 2006

Large Area Search

We did large area search training tonight. We had about a 45 minute lecture and then practicals. It was pretty good. We used a 200 foot rope, with knots tied at 15 foot increments. The officer would be on the end (while the other end was secured to a fixed point), then the other two on the crew would have a 10 foot piece of webbing to attach to the knot and do a 180 degree search. This would reoccur at each knot until you either a) ran out of rope, or b) hit a wall. You would then follow it back to the beginning and angle it slightly so that you get another section of the room. If you found a victim, all you had to do was call it over the radio and they would send in another crew to rescue them. We did several evolutions, cleaned up, and called it a night.

I found out that I will be going to the National Fire Academy in June. Yeah! I am taking a class on community fire prevention/education. It should be fun. Hopefully it will also be informative :).

No calls today.


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