02 May 2006

Wait, Wait, Wait....and return

First call was a wait and return for radiation: burn and return. Right after that we were called for another wait and return for a doctors appointment. It was a 23 year old with a lesion on his lung going to a pulmonologist. He was being tested for diving, which included a chest xray. They thought he might have TB, so he's been on isolation at the hospital for 8 days. He was telling me about his work in the military and how it is so much different from civilian life. He was cracking me up when he was talking about boot camp. He said that they teach you that you can cry for physical pain, not emotional. They also go through character building every day where their officers berate them with foolish things such as, "the bullies in high school were right-you are a loser!" etc. I thought that was pretty funny.

Anyways, other than that all we did were some transfers-one back to a nursing home and one to a psych facility. Nothing too great.

We actually got to sleep for several hours at night. Just enough that I should be able to accomplish something tomorrow.


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