20 April 2006

Held over yet again

Another day at the firehouse. I started at 1200. We did house chores and then headed out to the bay. We proceeded to empty all three engines of all the hand tools (pike poles, halligans, axes, pry bars, sledges, etc), clean all of them with steel wool and cleaner, towel them off, then sand all the wooden handles and treat them with linseed oil. I'm glad I don't have to do that every day. I almost took my partner out with one of the pike poles because I thought it was a short one, but it was actually about three feet longer than I thought :). Oops.

We decided in the afternoon to do some district familiarization in the newer subdivisions and repeater roads. We were out until almost 1600.

I should have been off at 1700. I was just waiting for my relief when somebody asked who was covering for one of the guys that was on overtime at his full time department. Nobody was. Since I was the medic and the other guy coming on was only an EMT, I had to stay. Not a huge deal I guess, three more hours for me. We didn't run any calls. The only thing I missed out on was watching TV. Oh well.

I'm back at home now until 0800 tomorrow. Just enough time to do some laundry, straighten things up and try to get some sleep. My schedule is killing me recently. I have to work over time to pay for this stupid house. I had over a 60 hour stretch going until last night at 2000. I work a 24 tomorrow and I am off until Sunday night. Woohoo! I will be working at the house the whole weekend trying to get it in liveable condition. Wish me luck.


Blogger FireFleitz said...

I have a question for you. I have a buddy who is moving to the Chicago area. He wants to volunteer up there. Can you give me the names of some of a couple of the better, busier, or more distinguished Volunteer Departments in the Chicago area. Thanks FireFleitz@adelphia.net


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