16 April 2006

Easter Sunday

I got off at 0800. Ready to have a day off. I completely forgot that it is Easter today. I got home and called the church to get the times for the services. We decided on the 1200. I ran some errands in the morning and went to church. It was a really good service. I went out to brunch with my mom afterwards.

I worked at the firehouse from 1700-2000. A very boring night. We took out the trash and did dishes, then sat and waited for the tones to drop, which never did. I was hoping for a call to pass the time. Oh well. Now it is time for relaxation, seeing as I have to be back to the firehouse for a 24 tomorrow, then a 24 at the ambulance company on Tuesday. I am not off again until Wednesday at 0800 (hopefully).


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