16 August 2006


First call of the day was for a 35 y/o man that got electrocuted. We were called to an occupational health clinic to pick him up. The guy said he was working and hit a live wire that was hooked up to a transformer. The wire carries 100,000 volts of electricity. His partner unplugged his hedge trimmer, which he couldn't let go of because of the electricity. He goes to his boss and tells him what happens. His boss tells him to drive himself up to occ health and take a whiz quiz. So, he does. In the mean time, he has chest pain, dizziness, pain in his arm, etc. He drove almost 25 miles to get to the clinic, sat in the clinic for over an hour before they decided to call us, and then we had to take him. He was still clammy and looked like crap when we took him. That's going to be a nice lawsuit.

We did a priority for shortness of breath, only to find out once we were on scene that they lady was not short of breath, and had no complaints. The RN said she had crackles in her lungs. They were clear and diminished at the bases. She was fine.

We did a BLS return to a nursing home s/p hip fracture.

An ALS transfer for cardiac surgery.

Another priority for hypertension and kidney stones. The lady just screamed the entire time and was actually hypotensive. Nice. By the time we got to the hospital I was screaming with her. (I was driving). I think she actually got a kick out of it.

We just got cancelled off of a chest pain that walked out of a clinic. Hopefully the night won't be too bad :)


Blogger Aucklandir said...

Unbelievable! I dont know which is worse - the fact the guy was told to drive 25 miles after being elctrocuted with 100,000 volts or the fact he sat there pale and clammy waiting to be seen in a medical facility!!

Sounds like a good day run of jobs for you tho :-)


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