04 July 2006


Sorry! It seems like I fell off the earth, but I'm still here. I'm busy as ever and I haven't had time to post. I still don't have internet access except at work, so bear with me.

Nothing too good recently. I missed going on a huge fire by 5 minutes :(

Today is Independence Day. Not so fun when you're at work. I started at 1700. No picnic...no good fireworks....

I did get to see some fireworks. I contemplated climbing to the roof of the hose tower...actually I made it to the roof of the hose tower. Only nobody else was dumb enough to follow. I came back down before the fireworks even started. I figured my chief wouldn't be too happy if I fell off :) One of the guys got a picture on his phone. I look like cat-woman because you can barely see the little ladder. You have to climb up the ladder in the hose tower to the landing, then open the window and climb a skinny little ladder on the outside of the building to the top. Yeah...

We ended up sitting in the parking lot of a gas station where we could catch glimpses of the fireworks from the town south of us. Not so fun.

A guy stopped in and told us he had something to turn over. It was a huge stick of something...dynamite...I don't know. I had to call around and nobody knew what to do with it. I was going to just blow it up, but I decided I liked having all 10 of my fingers.

We actually weighed it at the police station. I guess anything over 28 grams is a felony. This one weighed in at 35.3.

Anyways, I will post more soon I hope. I am working crazy hours to try and get my house finished. And of course, save up for another vacation.


Blogger Aucklandir said...

Hey I love your blogg. Can so relate to all you are writing. Was a paramedic for 12 years and firefighter (volunteer) for 6. Reading your blogg takes me back to being there! Keep it up - and good luck with saving for the holiday / house!


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