20 August 2006


Did an unresponsive with a probable subdural and a fall with leg pain...

Then a couple of ALS calls for lets see...fever, fever, ALS request but no ALS skills....yeah.

I actually got away without doing any psychs today, which is extremely unusual.

We ran most of the day. Mostly south of my area.

Our last call was for chest pain. It was at an acute care clinic (that really isn't even open anymore) for a 40-something guy with chest pain. He actually looked like he was in pain. Once we got him in the rig he said, "Good." He didn't speak much English, but we had just given him a nitro, so I assume it worked. He actually started talking in broken English on the way to the hospital. He was laughing a lot, and then he kept saying, "No more tequila, no more margaritas for me." In his Spanish accent. It was pretty funny. We were all laughing by the time we were walking into the ER. He was quite funny, in that drunk-disruptive kind of way. At least he was a happy drunk. The staff at the ER even got a kick out of him.

Good times.


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