03 September 2006

Ladder Fight

I have been really busy recently. Work is keeping my social life to a minimum, as usual, and school just started again on the 24th of August. I am taking five classes, just to make sure I have no free time :).

Again, I have been having trouble sleeping more than 2 hours at a time, so consequently, I end up doing all of my chores half asleep. Last shift was no exception.

I was out in the bay checking out all the rigs. I had already checked out the ambulances, the command vehicle, the brush truck and the engines. I only had one engine to go and I would be finished. I walked around the back of the older engine, and my typical sleep-walking self wasn't paying any attention. I walked straight into the ladder hanging off the side (and protruding about 2 1/2 feet off the back of the engine). I was seeing spots for about a minute afterwards. I cracked myself up because the first thing I did wasn't to curse or check for blood; I looked around to make sure nobody saw me make a fool of myself. I had a nice lump on my head (thankfully concealed by hair) and a bit of a red forehead for an hour or so, but I was okay. Thank God, because both of the guys I was working with were into their own little projects. They probably wouldn't have found me until we got a call.

A few brain cells lighter, and I am still pushing through the days. More work lies ahead. I have two days off this month.


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