07 February 2006

Road Trip

I got off around 0900. Yet another day of being held over. Whatever-I'm off until Thursday. Yeah! The only bad thing is that I had to lug myself to Elmhurt today to get my banking account squared away.

The trip was actually not too bad. By the time I left there wasn't too much traffic. The only bad part was that the "open tolling" is in effect, and I don't have an I-PASS; basically I had to go into the lane furthest to the right and wait in line and a toll booth. I didn't realize it, but it is like 38 miles to Elmhurst. Wow. The bank fixed my debit card and is sending me a new pin; they also reordered my checks, got me signed up for online banking, and I used a temporary check to transfer funds. Whew. I'm glad that's over with. Banks are right around the top of my list of least favorite places to go. Also up there are post offices and the hospital.

I didn't accomplish much after that. I ran a few errands, such as purchasing the paint for my apartment. The paint store was really cool. I guess the store is mainly for contractors; he said, "you're a firefighter? I'll give you contractor's price." Nice. I only spent $30 for $65 worth of paint-the day is getting better.

I also tried to do some homework, but I made very little progress. I kept getting distracted. Oh well. I will get some sleep and try again tomorrow.

Back to school, back to school...


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