09 February 2006

Another Day

Another day on shift. Right off the bat we got a priority call in Deerfield. Almost 20 miles later or so we were on scene. It was the same nursing home that we joked about previously for deciding to check on their patients for once. This call was for a lethargic patient with a fever. Nothing too good. The nursing home said her blood pressure was 80/60, but we got 114 systolic. She was already being treated for pneumonia, and other than being pretty much unresponsive, she was doing good as far as we could tell.

Then we did a call for a doctors' appointment. We took this 380 pound lady, who only needed a wheelchair van, on our stretcher to the doctor. The doc was in awe that the nursing home asked for an ambulance. Thank God she let us keep the patient on the stretcher for the exam. Whew. That was a long one.

I think I did another one up north, and then I headed back south. One of the hospitals was "dumping." There were at least four rigs from my company in and around the ambulance bay. We took a 20 year old to Evanston for psych. He seemed like a good kid.

I can't talk about most of the rest of the day...I have a feeling the information would get to the wrong place and I would be out of a job. Let's just say that I plan on transferring stations; if not companies. I am sick of the bullshit. Anyways, I didn't finish out the shift and I got home around 2300.


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