08 February 2006

Customer Service

School again today. My classes were uneventful, as usual. The only thing I did notice is that my muscles don't hurt so much after class anymore and I'm getting more flexible. It's about time. I will be buff by summer :).

I got out of school around 1430 and headed home. Once again, I didn't get a whole lot done, but maybe shift will be slow tomorrow and I can work on it. I am such a procrastinator...Ugh.

I went to fire training at 1800. Tonight was a lecture on customer service-taught by a Captain from a neighboring department. His lectures are usually pretty good, but tonights was especially so. I can't wait until I get to use some of his suggestions out in the community. I especially love working with kids, and I think this just might be my chance. I tried to get into a class at the National Fire Academy for the summer, but my application was too late. Instead, I am taking several certificate courses online through the NFA, including public education.

I am back on shift tomorrow. It doesn't even feel like I had any time off. It seems like I've been saying that a lot recently. My doc put me on Ambien, so hopefully I will get some decent sleep. I'm sick of being tired all the time.

I thought I was completely off on Friday, but I remembered that I had a physical for the fire department at a local clinic for spyrometry and auditory testing, and then I have my state Hazmat test at 1900 in Mundelein. Saturday I am working at a "Polar plunge" in Wisconsin-working in an ice rescue suit and helping people out of the water. They are trying to find certified divers to do it because several of us that are going aren't divers, but either way I will be there. A few of our guys are jumping, so if I don't work there, I will probably take the dive with them. Only time can tell.


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