15 March 2006

Back to normal

I'm finally back in the swing of things. I finished just about everything for my mortgage. I can't believe I am finally getting a house. Yeah! The fire department was uneventful so far this week...on my shifts anyways. I am back at the ambulance company tomorrow.

Tonight was positively boring. Of course, as most fire houses are, mine is filled with guys that snore. My shift just happens to be full of them. Our bunk rooms are separate, but we share a common wall. One guy will only sleep in the day room and he snores. Another guy that sleeps in the bunk room snores-probably worse that the day room guy. So, needless to say, I don't get much sleep there. If I do, I am in the ambulance sleeping on a cot covered with MRSA. Nice.

I couldn't fall alseep anywhere, so I decided to go on a mission. I cleaned both ambulances from top to bottom, including the front. I used cavicide first, bleached the floors, then sprayed with a disinfectant that has to sit for 10 minutes. I also organized the cabinets, IV tray, and tested all the bulbs and batteries in the intubation kits. Good times. It took several hours. I had the radio cranked the whole time on the bay floor, but I guess everyone was so busy snoring that they couldn't hear it.


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