13 March 2006

The Terminal

We got up at 0440 to catch a cab to go back to the airport. I looked out the window and realized that we were probably in for the same problems as last night. If anything it looked worse, but I figured maybe the sun would break the fog.

Once we checked in, I got a chance to look up at the board-flights delayed and cancelled all over the place. Ours said 'on time.' All I could do was snicker and curse at the board for telling an obvious lie. I also noted people sprawled across the floor sleeping-most likely people from our flight last night. The waiting areas were all full-people were in line already, only most were lying down or sitting on the floor. The boards started flashing again-delayed...delayed...delayed. I felt like I should be filming the sequel to "the terminal." Someone came over the intercom and said that nobody was coming or going as of this moment. No word on when flights will resume. We got comfortable and figured we were in for the long haul.

Our flight was only delayed for a bit over an hour or so. The flight wasn't too bad, but I was relieved when I was back on the ground.

In the end, I missed my home inspection, my meeting with the lawyer, and my meeting with my mortgage person. Great. I also had to call off work because I was too late to get coverage and I wouldn't be back in time to be of any help. That sucked.

I guess I'll try again tomorrow. Things can only get better.


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