05 June 2006


I spent most of the day today in the city. Good times. We did a psych from up north to the city. The woman seemed okay. She was hearing voices. I got about a quarter of the way to Chicago and all hell broke loose.

I was on the highway and I heard a ruckus in the back. My partner was struggling to get the seatbelts back on our patient. I was on the highway, and I had to pull the ambulance over, turn the lights on, get out of the rig and get in back. We got her in restraints and we were back on our way. Whew. She said that the voices were telling her to get out of the ambulance.

Dispatch sent us hot to a professional building in the city for a woman having difficulty breathing. We got on scene, up to the floor, and my dispatch called us and said, "don't go on the floor!" Okay, well now that we're up here. We never found out why we were cancelled.

We got a call right after that for a five year old with a femur fracture. He supposedly tripped and fell while running at the playground. Yeah, not quite believable. We had to put him in hare traction for transport to the Children's hospital.

Another day. The countdown begins for vacation!


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