08 November 2006


First call right off the bat was a psych transfer. We got to the ER and it was a miracle-the paperwork was done and waiting for us! Whoa.

I finished my paperwork and went to meet our patient. He seemed alright. I hadn't really read into his papers, so I didn't get the whole story right away. I did notice that his feel looked blistered and had soot all over them. I just though, "hmmm...odd." Then I spoke with one of the security guards and got the truth. Apparently the guy doesn't like to live in his house, so he roams around the county and stays at campgrounds and basically lives off the streets. He was brought in by the police yesterday because he was found at one of the local campgrounds lighting a picnic table on fire, and in the process nearly catching the brush on fire. And that's not all. He proceeded to get up on top of the table, start dancing, and singing Elvis songs. Nice. That would have been a sight to see.


A apologize for not writing as much as I used to. I have been extremely stressed out, and probably a little burned out too, recently. I couldn't keep up with the blog-especially trying to write stuff down so I could remember to post it later. I just got the wireless broadband for my laptop, so I will try to post more often...

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