08 April 2007


Sorry once again I haven't written much recently. I am really trying to get myself on the right track. Let's just say I'm having some life problems right now. Or something.

But I do almost have a story. Not about a call per-say....but a dream. I had a dream in my like 1/2 hour of sleep about a call. It was a full arrest. All out-CPR, rhythms, starting lines, pushing drugs, etc. It was like a mega-code in medic school. Haha. It didn't really bother me until I got to the firehouse this morning...I think bother is the wrong word. Maybe concern. I was talking with my partner and he was like, oh shit! I had a dream that I was doing CPR! So yeah. Hopefully it doesn't come true today. I would like a nice (insert "s" word) day :).

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