02 December 2005


Just a note- I may change my settings so that only blogger.com or registered users can comment. I have had some ( actually 1) unwanted/unsolicited comment(s) recently and would prefer to keep the comment section related to my life regarding my work. My personal life is just that-personal, and I would like to keep it that way. I started this blog to express myself through my work, and I think I have done a pretty good job of that. The only personal things that have started to leak into this blog really aren't all that personal. And basically the only reason these have leaked is because I am out of work due to a back injury-which you would know if you have kept up with this blog :). I just want constructive comments, etc., you know what I mean-okay? Otherwise I will have to set some guidelines regarding who can comment and what will actually get posted in the comments section of the page. More later.


I also added a guest book at the very bottom of the page-please sign and add your blog address if you have one-if I like it, I just might add it to my links.


Pretty boring day. I have gotten some relief with my new meds for my back. (Thank God!) The only bad thing is that I feel so toasted it is hard to do normal daily things. I'm just ready to get off all these meds and get back to work. Good news-my cat still hasn't knocked over the Christmas tree. Yeah! I can't believe it. Hopefully this is a good sign that it will actually last after I get all the ornaments on it too.

It has gotten really cold. We even have a small amount of snow on the ground. When I went out today I think it was 17 degrees. I don't know what the wind chill was, but it felt really cold.

I tried watching the movie National Treasure, but I couldn't get comfortable enough on the couch or chair to sit through the movie. Oh well. I'll try again another day.

I have class tomorrow: Ropes and knots. I wish I would have been practicing my knots the past few weeks because I'm really not the best at them. If I don't practice every once in a while I totally forget how to do them. Class starts at 0800- hopefully we will be out by noon. I need to study my Hazmat stuff too. I hope we don't have a quiz on it tomorrow because I haven't looked over the placards or anything yet.

Only 11 more days until graduation! The lady from the department that does the uniform ordering called for our sizes yesterday. I'm just so excited. Most of my family won't be able to make it for my graduation since I live so far away from everybody. My mother is the only one so far that is definitely coming. Oh well. I really wish my grandfather could be there because I know this is really important to him. I will now be a third generation firefighter in my family. That's pretty cool.


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