27 November 2005

Spaz Kitty

I haven't done much of anything today- as usual. I basically did some laundry, picked up the house and sat around. I did get some bath towels in the mail that I ordered. There was a slip in my mailbox yesterday but it was too late to pick them up last night. Wow. Pretty sad when that's the excitement of the day.

Um...Yeah. I did some word-find puzzles. I fed the cat. I got attacked by the cat; who by the way is a complete spaz. I think I kind of made him that way.

Here's the story about him. I got him in August of 2004. He was adorable and tiny-he fit in the palm of my hand. He was a little black kitten. I named him Cinders-short for Cinderella because he was a girl (if he was a boy I was going to name it Sparky- because he could be a fire kitty). It sounds a little odd, huh? A boy with a name short for Cinderella. Well, yeah. On his first trip to the vet they told me he was a girl. The second trip they changed their mind and told me he was actually a boy. So, in essence I made him gay by treating him like a girl for several months. I very well couldn't change his name by now because he responded to Cinders. Now he is quite confused, and I think that is why he spazzes out so much. He even climbs the walls. Right now he is entertaining himself by diving headfirst into a box in the living room only to fly right back out of it two seconds later. He has been doing this for 20 minutes now. After he is done he will be meowing at me like a poor, unloved kitty and want to be cuddled until he starts biting me and is thrown out of the room....again. I believe he thinks that this is a game. To me it is a hassle. I wish he would just pick a personality and be done with it. I would prefer the nice, cuddly, cute kitty. I'm sure he would prefer the other. Oh well. He is how he is and I don't think it will ever change. At least he's entertaining if nothing else; and he knows how to tug on his mother's heartstrings.

I guess I will go find something to entertain myself with. It would be nice if I was as easily entertained as the cat. But that is not so. I get bored after 15 minutes of doing something and have to find something else. I missed the TV shows I wanted to watch tonight, so I think I'm shit out of luck. Dammit.


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