22 November 2005

MRI from hell

I got up bright and early this morning at 0600. I had to go for my MRI at 0700. I went to the wrong building the first time. I did find the correct place which was basically just across the street.

The MRI itself took about an hour. The table was super uncomfortable. By the time the thing was over with both my left arm and leg were completely numb, and my back was killing me. Once again-the whole reasoning behind MRI's and back pain doesn't make sense. Oh well. Of course the technicians can't tell you anything, so I went back home and went to sleep.

I still haven't accomplished much of anything. I've been surfing the web looking at other people's blogs and reading jokes etc. Nothing all that great. I'm probably going to doze off pretty soon, seeing as there is nothing to do.


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