29 November 2005

Doom Day

Um...yeah, so I'm gonna need you to move your desk to the storage room...m'kay. God I love that movie. For those of you who don't know it, the movie is Office Space. I think I just like it because of the fire at the end :).

I can't believe that it is almost December. That means snow and ice and cold. Yuck. I did start putting up Christmas decorations. I went outside to decorate my balcony with red, white and blue lights, and realized that I accidentally got purple instead of red, and only half of the strand of blue lights worked. Oh well. I put up my little six foot tree which is USA themed and all the ornaments are either firefighter or "America" related. I also have red, blue and silver baubles to put on it. I can't put the ornaments on for probably a week because otherwise they will all break when the cat decides to pounce the tree. I figure I'll give him a little time to get used to it first. Once I am finished decorating it I will post a picture of it.

I went in for my epidural today. It sucked really bad. I could feel every thing. The doctor gave me Versed but it didn't work very well (or he just didn't give me enough) because I was awake the whole time. It was the weirdest feeling. It felt like someone was stabbing me for a few minutes (which I guess they kind of were), then I felt a burning go up my spine, back down and into my left leg. I don't think the procedure even helped at all. He said it might take 48 hours to take effect. Damn. Now I got upgraded to Norco instead of Percocet or Demerol. So basically I am taking the equivalent to four Vicodin every four hours. Yikes. I should just check myself into treatment now and get it over with.

Wish I was back at work. It is more stressful not working than it is when I'm there. Especially the money situation. Hopefully I get the Aflac figured out tomorrow. I'm going to entertain myself with a find-a-word puzzle and hopefully doze off.


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