24 December 2005

The Grinch

I almost forgot it was a holiday today. I finally managed to get my tree up. I had to tie it to two tables in a corner so the cat can't take it down when he pounces it. Me: 1, Cat: 0. It looks really nice. I tried to take pictures so I could post one, but I couldn't get a good one that showed all the lights, etc. So much for that. Basically, for those who didn't read the previous post about the tree-it has red, white and blue lights, 4" American flags all over it, blue ribbons, red, silver, and blue baubles, and firefighter ornaments. The tree skirt is made of material with the memorial for 9/11 on it. It really is beautiful.

I haven't done much of anything today-especially not holiday related. I did laundry, swept & mopped the kitchen and bathroom, cleaned the living room and my bedroom, and vacuumed the entire apartment (minus the roommates room). I stripped my bed to wash everything-I even flipped the mattress; and baked cookies. This is just ridiculous. I'm just trying to keep my mind off the fact that it is indeed a holiday and I am, indeed, alone. Oh well.

I spoke with most of my family on the phone tonight. They all went to church together and passed the phone around once they got back home. Then they put it on speaker phone and all yelled "Merry Christmas" to me before they hung up to eat dinner. I sat on my bed and cried. I had my little pity party and now I'm done. It just doesn't seem fair that I couldn't spend the holiday with my family-biological or at the fire department.

I feel like the Grinch stole my Christmas already (and it's technically not even here yet). I was supposed to go to midnight mass tonight but that fell through too. Oh well. I might go tomorrow morning. One of my friends that works at an ambulance company in the city gets off around 0800, so we might go to mass together. That would be okay.

Then I plan on being a drunken mess for the rest of the day. We are going to watch movies and drink...that's all. Good times. I guess it's better than thinking about what my family is doing-sitting down to brunch together, opening presents, talking about the "good old days" and having a huge Christmas dinner. My Christmas Eve dinner was Ramen noodles. It will probably be the same tomorrow. Maybe I will be in better spirits (ha, ha) after a few drinks with a buddy tomorrow. We always have a good time hanging out together-he's like my big brother. Always watching over me...that's good.

Well, I'm going to go stare at the dryer until it stops :) Or maybe I will find something constructive to do. Who knows. Merry Grinchmas...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There has to be someone out there that loves you adn you may never know if those hats re really itchy

Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW look at you cluster map...WOW


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