17 December 2005

Let the Good times roll

I have done absolutely nothing today. Yeah. I have absolutely nothing to talk about....um.....

Oh yeah...I watched Reno 911. (This is really stupid, but whatever). One of the guys on the show said, "Two words: Plumbing." Yeah, I just started laughing like I belonged on the psych ward and my friend that was visiting just gave me a look like, "yeah, refresh my memory...why am I over here?"

Anyways, I need to go get ready for my big night out on the town. Tonight is a Christmas party in the city for an ambulance company that one of my friends works for. I didn't even go to my own company Christmas party (that's probably because they didn't have an open bar :) ).

We're taking the train down, so it could get interesting. I'll give an update tomorrow at some point. It will probably be late...I plan on sleeping it off until at least noon.


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