15 December 2005

Early Morning

This morning sure rolled around awfully early. I don't think I even went to bed until after 0500. I was helping my mom fill out online applications for hospital jobs in the area.

I was woken up about an hour later by my pager. It was a 10-50. Then they called for a general alarm for a second rescue call. Then another general alarm for a medic to the scene. About 45 minutes after that they got another rescue call and a true alarm. I think there may have been another rescue call or two in there after that also.

Either way, they were super busy. I think they had a total of seven or eight calls today. That is crazy for our department. I wish I would have been working. Oh well. I will be soon enough I suppose.

My cat's appointment went well-except that he has gotten rather fat (16 pounds!!!). Oh well. What can you do.

No more plans for the evening. Hopefully a quiet night and some relaxation with my mom before she has to go back to Wisconsin.


Blogger medic! said...

Ive been outta town for a few days, so here's a belated congratulations!!! You might have to change your name to AmbulanceEngine Girl or something!


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