14 December 2005

Bathtime Fun

Yeah. I really have nothing interesting to say about today. I finally decided it was time for my cat to have a bath. He has to go to the vet tomorrow for a comprehensive exam so he might as well be clean.

The poor cat had been tortured all day. I had to show my mom our stupid games like "spin the kitty," "Cat-a-polt," and "cat in a bag." Yeah, just so you know, no animals were harmed in these games :). Then it was bathtime. I climbed into the tub with him and soaked him down, and started scrubbing away. By the time I got the shampoo on him he looked completely defeated. He just sat there with his ears back-all upset. Oh well. Then I had to cuddle him in warm bath towels until he was finally somewhat dry. Good times. (Pictures below). He also had to be tortured by the toothbrush. He definitely didn't like that. I guess I wouldn't either, the toothpaste is "malt" flavored. Yuck.

Other than that I have absolutely no good stories. I'm currently reading "EMS 2: the life of your job" by Devin Kerins. So far it is pretty good. I already read his first book "EMS: the job of your life" which was very good. I would definitely recommend it to EMS personnel and their families-the lay people as well.


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