12 December 2005

Magical IV

I overheard a really stupid conversation today that I thought would be worth to share. I was at the acute care center getting a shot for a migraine when I started to hear commotion in the next curtain over. The lady had really high blood pressure-180/120, so they wanted to start a line on her. I was listening to the nurse and the patient:

Patient: "what do I need that for?"

Nurse: "we need to give you some medicine for your blood pressure."

Patient: "Can I just get some water....would that help? I can't go to the hospital-I have things to do."

Nurse: "No...that's not going to help-you need an IV. Let me see your arm."


Nurse: "I don't see too many....I can feel one, but you can never use those, they always roll....that one looks good. A little poke."

Patient: "With that needle??? That's a big needle."

Nurse: "Little poke 1...2..."

Patient: "Ow!!! (explicative, explicative)"

Nurse: "It's blown."

Yeah...talk about a stupid nurse. I'm sure she was going for the smallest little nonexistent vein in her hand, while she probably had a huge AC or vein in her arm, but you know-since you can feel it, you can't use it. Wow. They never told me that in medic class....I should really stop feeling for veins and just go for the ones I see :)

The rest of the day was uneventful. I got to pick up my class B uniform at the station for graduation tomorrow. I can't believe it's already time. Yikes. I look really professional in it. I don't think it has completely kicked in yet, but after I tried on my uniform today it started to sink in-I'm a firefighter now!!! Well, as of tomorrow anyways.

I go for my second epidural tomorrow at 1330. Then I have just enough time to recover before graduation. I am just really psyched. I'm so glad my mom is here to see this. I am actually almost proud of myself-and okay with that.

My time is finally here! Tomorrow is the big day. I will post pictures soon!


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