06 December 2005

No IV? No Problem!

I just had a fleeting memory of a call that I thought I should share. A few weeks ago, my partner and I were called to a local nursing home for something....can't remember what (maybe hypertension, vomiting, maybe a nosebleed). Anyways, we did our normal assessment get our stuff together, package the patient and get him out to the rig. It had already been a horrendously long day and both of us were pretty spent (both physically and mentally).

Once in the rig, I started doing my paperwork as my partner did vitals etc. The guy's B/P was around 200/120- definitely something to note. His blood glucose was around 365. Great. We tried multiple times to get a line and couldn't get one. We couldn't help out his blood pressure because we couldn't get a line to give him any drugs; and we couldn't give him fluid to help his glucose because his pressure was so high. My partner, out of the blue, was like, "Well, it doesn't really matter if we get a line. We can give him glucagon IM." I actually had to think for a few seconds. She is the "senior medic" and all, but I wasn't sure if she was serious or if she was testing me. I thought, maybe she knows something I don't (was I asleep for that part of class?). I gave her a strange look....she gave me one back. Yeah, she totally didn't mean to say that. I guess that's what a long day will do to you. We both had a really good laugh about it, and then headed out to get some more coffee. I'm laughing about it now :) It may not seem that funny, but I guess you had to have been there.

Tonight I taught for the EMT-B class in Waukegan. It was their final night for testing out on practicals. I got assigned to medication administration: nitro, epi-pen, and inhaler. I tested out probably 20 students when one of the lead instructors came over the radio and asked me to come to his office (uh-oh). I was just being switched stations. Medical assessment was getting backed up, so I tested about 15 students out on that before the night was over. For the most part the students did well. A few barely made it, but I didn't have to fail anyone.

It is crazy to think that there are so many students going through this class each semester. There are three classes per year (fall, spring, and summer). Each class I think graduates an average of 35 people. That seems like an awful lot for half of the county. I don't know where all these kids go after they're done with class. There certainly aren't that many job openings around here. They must go further south or just take the class for the education-not to practice. Strange.

I can't believe just how cold it is getting outside. We probably have about six inches of snow on the ground now, and it is about 10 degrees. Yuck. I am not the biggest fan of the cold. I had absolutely no desire to leave the house today- I was ultimately forced. Some days I have to wear so many layers I can barely walk properly. The good news is- if I happen to slip and fall on a patch of ice, I will be well padded- although I probably won't be able to get up without assistance. I guess that's why god made cell phones :) "911....I've fallen and I can't get up....I'm not injured I just um...yeah....can't get up." That would be embarrassing. At least I'd be warm while I waited for them.


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WoW 911 this is your new gomer the one that is like a turtle well g2g but man thse hats are itchy


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