15 January 2006

Moving Up

Wow. Another wasted day off-as usual. I almost hate having days off. I always feel so un-productive (I don't even think that is a word). I actually accomplished a lot today, but it is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment I feel after a nice long day of work. Damn. Is that weird? Is there something wrong with me that I can't enjoy a day off? Oh well.

My roommate's old room is stilled all messed up. The maintenance guys and the painters are coming to see it tomorrow to see what they can do to fix it. I cleared out my closet early this morning (in my bedroom) and emptied out the rest of the room by 1300. Then I taped down the drop cloth and only got one wall primed before it was too dark to continue.

All my bedroom stuff had to be moved into the living room. It looks pretty odd. It reminds me of a lot of patients I take. You know, the ones that live in a two story house, or even a one story with tight hallways; they move the bed and other essentials into the living room or dining room because it is 1. on the first floor, and 2. it makes for easier access for the fire department or paramedics to get to the patient without having to take out a wall or use a stair chair. It makes me feel really stupid. Whatever. Soon enough this will all be over and my bedroom will actually be in the bedroom. Ugh.

I had another CO incident very late last night (early this morning). I was hoping the incident would blow over before I had to call in the fire department, but no such luck. My alarm starting going off in the living room, and both me and my friend that was over felt nauseous and had headaches (which we had been feeling for almost 12 hours at this point). We had just opened all the windows in the apartment and vented it out until it was too cold to continue. We did too good of a job I guess because by the time the fire department showed up they couldn't detect any CO and the detector stopped going off. Of course, they sent the ambulance too because we were having symptoms, so we both ended up signing AMA. Another wonderful day off.

Time to get my laundry and everything else done before I go to sleep. Another big day at the amublance company tomorrow.


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