03 January 2006

Chest Pain

I drove him to Lake Forest Hospital. They got him in right away- ran a 12-lead, drew labs, did a chest x-ray- the whole nine yards. So far everything was negative. The bad news was that the doctor wanted to admit him to draw more labs, do a stress test, etc. He didn't like that too much (and I don't blame him). He decided he was going to sign AMA. The nurse was getting the paperwork ready and the doctor just had to finish up in another room before he talked to my friend.

Just before the nurse came in my friend stopped talking mid-sentence and had a funny look on his face, so I automatically looked at the monitor. He was throwing a PAC every beat, although I wouldn't normally associate that with chest pain-as soon as his pain went away so did the PACs. Weird. I went out and got the nurse-they did another 12-lead, which was still unchanged, but now he had to stay. We got him settled in his room and I stayed there until I was kicked out because it wasn't visiting hours. I was told to come back at 0800 (it was already around 0630). So, I went home and made Velveeta shells and cheese because he had been talking about it all night and I knew he wouldn't eat the hospital food, took a shower and made my way back to the hospital. They ran him around doing all kinds of tests. By the evening he was cleared to go-they changed his blood pressure meds because his old ones made him short of breath, and he was good to go. Whew. That was scary.

Time to rest. No more action hopefully for a while-I'm praying for good health. My cold still hasn't blown over from Sunday and it is going into my chest. Hopefully no pneumonia-I had enough of that last year.


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