08 January 2006


Yeah, I haven't posted in a while. This is simply because my life has been absolutely boring. My roommate finally moved out. She just have to finish repainting her room, turn in her keys, and sign off on the lease and she's finally out of here. Unfortunately I got screwed-she didn't pay her rent or bills for the past months. Damn.

I start classes in 2 weeks. I just ordered my books. I am especially excited about my dance classes. I am going to finally be back to my extra busy schedule-just how I like it :). I go back to the doctor on the 10th- hopefully to come out of it with a work release. Then I can get back to my normal schedule; 24 hr shifts every 3rd day at the ambulance company, day/night shifts and training at the fire department (including ice rescue certification :) ), 18 credit hours worth of classes, teaching at the local EMT-B class 2-3 times a week, and in the spring I will start back at the local theme park. I also applied for a patient care tech job a a semi-local hospital to do in my free time. Other than that I've just been getting ready to go back to work and fire training. I started my regular work out schedule again today (30 minutes of stretching, 5 miles on the elliptical and 1 hour of weight training). I feel so much better. Wow. I forgot how much I loved it. Good times.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like things are back to how they should be with on exception, wonder what that could be hmmmmmmmmmmmm??????????????

Blogger medic! said...

How cryptic is that???

And can you dance doubled over in back pain?

Blogger Ambulance Girl said...

I don't know if I can call it dance... I will try. I'm feeling a bit better and I think I will be much better once I get back to work. I will try to dance, but we shall see-I'm not exactly what I would call coordinated :)


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