31 March 2006


No good calls to write about today. We did some basic transports. One lady was really cute. She was telling me about her husband, and how life used to be. She noticed my ring and asked if I was married. I told her engaged and her face just lit up. She asked about wedding plans, whether I had my dress, etc. She told me about her wedding in 1949 and how her dress only cost $50 and her entire wedding, including the band, only cost $600. We had a good time chatting on the way to the hospital.

I have been sick all week. Today has been no different. I couldn't stand it anymore by like 1500, so I called around and found coverage. She couldn't come in until 2030, but it was coverage none-the-less. At 1930 dispatch called us and told us to head out west for a 2030 call. Great. So much for coverage. I actually threw the nextel and almost cracked the console. Oh well. We got there early and waited for our patient. He was rather crabby and I was glad that it was my turn to drive. The dialysis place we picked him up at is about 30 minutes from my station (without traffic). The nursing home is 20 miles south of that. Not cool. We ran the call. I had one hand on the steering wheel and one hand on a vomit bag. It sucked really, really bad. When I finally got home I collapsed in the bathroom. I don't remember much after that. I just remember trying to find my radial pulse and I couldn't find it. It felt like a dream. I woke up around 0600 and stumbled back to bed.


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