19 March 2006

Slow day

First call was for a fever. Besides that, the guy had an altered mental status and had poor vitals. The nurse said the fever started this morning. The she tells me he fell last night at 2345, unwitnessed. But how she knew it was at 2345 if it was unwitnessed, I will never know. Then I asked if his mental status was like this before the fall, or just afterwards. She said she didn't know-she only worked weekends. The other nurse said that this wasn't her floor. The other one said it was her first day. Yeah, if that doesn't tell you something, I don't know what would. The guy had been up and walking around since, so we didn't board him. He had no complaints, just that he was tired. He was lethargic and confused, and I had no history or events to go on. Gotta love it. The hospital especially enjoyed my report.

Second call was for hypotension. On scene, once again, the guy had an altered LOC. His blood pressure was fine, but is SPO2 was low. We did what we could and transported. He cried the whole way to the hospital because he didn't want to go. He said he wanted his mother. At 69, you would think this was just confusion. But, no. His mother is 101, and was going to meet us at the hospital. Wow.

Our SPO2 monitor stopped working during the call. We went back to headquarters and switched out cords. We fixed it and were back in service in less than 30 minutes.

No calls after that. We almost had one out of the stand-by ER, but we were cancelled. Sleepless night. I wasn't with my usual partner, and the guy I worked with snores and talks in his sleep. All in all it was a good shift. Besides the feeble attempt at sleep.


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