22 March 2006

Around the world in 24 hours

I was everywhere in northern Illinois, except for my area today. First call was for a doctors' appointment. It was going to a hospital just north of Chicago. The lady was really lethargic and having difficulty breathing. We were taking her to her respiratory doctor. I thought we should have just taken her directly to the hospital, but the nursing home disagreed. Her vitals weren't bad enough to go direct. We went to the office, and the doctor listened to her lungs and sent us on our way. We went across the street to the hospital.

Before we even cleared up we got a call for a psych going back up north. The lady was pretty interesting. She was talking to someone named Renee the entire ride back. She was also conversing with Jack, who I later realized was her husband. She kept asking me to tell her when we were half there, and then laughing. A pretty entertaining ride.

We got back to quarters for about 10 minutes. Then we got a call from a local nursing home/psych home going to Chicago. The woman wasn't happy with the place and knew how to play the system. We took her to the hospital and spoke with one of the nurses. The nurse said she also works at a hospital across town...she just discharged this lady this morning. She couldn't have been at the new facility for more than a couple of hours.

We got back up north again for about 15 minutes, then got a call from a dialysis place out west going to a nursing home to the southwest. It took us about 35 minutes to get to the dialysis center. It took us about an hour from there to get to the nursing home. We got lost several times. Our computer told us the wrong address. Our mapbook gave us the wrong coordinates. Our account list gave us the wrong cross streets. Our dispatcher had two different addresses for the same home. We had to call the facility and they gave us landmarks, such as "Walmart." Nice.

We made it back to quarters, once again. It was already late. No sooner did I close my eyes, and we got a call. It was actually in town for a psych transfer from the ER to the psych hospital. End of story. Uneventful. I practically ran for my car this morning when my shift was over with.


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