28 March 2006

Very long day

I don't even remember half the calls I did today. I have been running my ass off all day. Nothing too great. One lady was funny from one of the psych places. We took her to the ER for agitation. When we were leaving another guy, who happened to be a patient, came up and kissed her. She said that was her fiance. Then another guy said, "no, I saw her first!" Nice. She had a cigarette before we left. I talked to one of the staff members while we were waiting. He has only been working there for 10 days. I've seen him at least 6 times. He knows me by name. I think he requests that I come get the patients. He used to work at a maximum security psych facility in Florida until a patient stabbed him. He decided to hang low and a more lax facility. Wow.

We ran all night. I started feeling sick in the early afternoon. I didn't eat all day. I started vomiting around 1600. Of course we got ran and I ended up running to the bathroom while my partner did the work for both of us. We got back to quarters around 0630. I had one of the oncoming crew members come early so I could get home. We did an MRI that ran late. I didn't get out of the station until after 0730. I feel like I am dying very slowly. My heart is beating really strong and I'm dizzy. Hopefully this goes away soon.


Blogger scole999 said...

Hope you are doing better.

The Reflective Tape


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