09 April 2006

Back up needed

Only two memorable calls today.

One was a basic return to a nursing home. The nurse in the ER left as soon as we got there-it was the end of her shift. We were told the name of the nursing home and given the address. Good enough for me-it matched what our dispatcher told us. We got to the nursing home and got inside. The staff said that it wasn't their patient. Great. We had to call dispatch and get things squared away. There is only other nursing home on the same road, and I figured they just gave us the wrong address. Sure enough, she belonged at the other nursing home. Nice.

We got dispatched for another call right after that for a psych at a group home. Our pager said, "possible restraints...aggressive." This should be fun. We got on scene and spoke with the caregiver. He said that this child (13 years old) broke the door off the porch, was breaking things around the house, and was threatening and hurting other children and staff. Our patient was sound asleep in bed. He didn't know he was going to the hospital. The caregiver expected me to wake the kid up, tell him I'm taking him away, and everything would be a-okay. Not. I told the caregiver that it was his responsibility to tell the kid that he was going, and I certainly wasn't about to get into this kids face and wake him up when he had been so destructive all day. Needless to say, the child refused to cooperate and we ended up call the police. After much convincing, and threats of being tackled by several officers, he walked out to the ambulance without a fight. He was good the entire ride. When we pulled up to the hospital there were several security guards and two workers off the psych floor waiting for us. I asked how they knew we were coming and they told me that they heard us over the police scanner. Good times. He did put up a fight once we got on the floor, and ended up in the quiet room and in restraints. Never a dull moment.


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