14 April 2006

Stand By

I worked on the house all day. There are no longer any interior walls except for the bathroom. Thank God I am finally getting somewhere! I am actually off all day today. It is an absolute miracle!

I didn't leave the house until around 1930. I got to the next town south and the tones dropped. (That figures) It was mutual aid to a town about 10 miles south for a grass fire at a state park. I saw the brush truck go by and an engine from a department in Wisconsin. Cool. I drove home, dropped off some stuff, picked up my uniform just in case, and headed back up north. I was on standby at the station for several hours.

I figured I would spend the time studying. My captain was also there and asked if I could hang out for a while because there wasn't a medic there (she was on the brush truck). I figured what the hell, I could use a good call. Yeah...we sat there for several hours studying and there weren't any calls. Oh well, at least I studied. I have my Hazmat test tomorrow morning.

Time for some good ol' sleep.


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