17 May 2006

Black Cloud

I am now convinced that I have a black cloud following me wherever I go. The house will definitely not be anywhere near liveable by Sunday. I had several plumbers and heating/cooling people come in and give estimates. I didn't like any of them. I don't have enough money for all this! Damn. Oh yeah, and some of the floor boards are rotten and need to be replaced.

I packed for most of the day today also. I bought paint so I could finish the one bedroom. By 1830 I was so fed up with everything that I drove to the firehouse-just to get away from the apartment (and bullshit with the guys). The cool part-it has been pouring rain all day and completely nasty. I think I must have fooled someone because on my spontaneous drive to the firehouse it rained, but once I got there it was sunny. I outran the black cloud :). It did catch up with me about 30 minutes later though. I almost won.


Anonymous Monica said...

Hi ambulance girl. My name is Monica from Napa, CA. I read your blog everyday. My husband just finished the fire/emt academy. He starts paramedic school in August. I am so interested in what you do. I read all of the other blogs you link to also. I thought you might want to know who is reading your blog. Good luck!


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