19 November 2005

Water supply

Up at the ass crack of dawn again. Well, not really-but close enough. I got up at 0750, got my books together and ate my cocoa wheats. Then I walked the 10 steps from the bunk room to the training room for class.

We took a quiz and then it was off to the drill site. A.k.a. the city park. We were working on water supply. Our first practical was operating a port-a-tank. As a group we opened it up, set up the elbow piece got the jet siphon, hard suction and water supply ready. We bled out the hydrant and hooked up two 1 3/4 lines to feed the elbows which hung over the side of the tank to fill it. Then once the tank was filled, we let it drain and did it again. Our next practical was to hook up a gated wye to the engine to hook up two 1 3/4 lines, charge them using the proper signals for the engineer, and flow water all over the park until they told us to stop. Then we refilled the port-a-tank, used the hard suction with the jet siphon to refill the engine so the next group could do the same thing. We then traipsed across the park to our next "station." In this one we used hard suction to get water out of the hydrant (after we bled it out, hooked up a wye etc) and into the engine. We didn't actually flow the water because the engine was already full, and the engine we were using was our first out engine, so it had to be able to leave in a hurry if, in fact, we got a call. Then we used the soft-suction pre-connect on the front of the engine to hook up to the hydrant. Yeah. Good times.

We then went back to the station to wash both engines and all the hoseline we used. Then we talked about Monday's class- where we will be meeting at Abbott laboratories to learn about sprinkler and fire protection systems. We even got a spiffy map to show us how to get there.

After that I took a ride out to target to get some more long underwear because it is ridiculously cold here. I also did some more paperwork and tried to figure out my 401K worksheet thing, but I am at a complete loss. I will have to take it to my banker and have him help me.

I also called my doctor, as she had asked, to let her know how I was doing. She asked me to come into the office since she was there for a few hours. My back is getting worse. I guess my extension and flexion was at about 50 degrees last time I saw her (which was already pretty bad), but now it is down to 10 degrees. She said she's "putting her foot down" and no more work for me for at least a week. I'm not sure I will be able to follow that but I will try. She gave me a higher dose of vicodin-hopefully it will work.

Now I am being a complete bum. I actually have the night off!!! Yeah! My back is killing me from training, so I plan on lying around like a slug and watching TV. My drugs haven't kicked in yet, but my hopes are still good. I don't think I am ever going to turn off my heating pad...it's just too warm and toasty. Okay, I'm going to watch some pointless shows now and turn off my brain. That's all for today.


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