08 December 2005

Traction Control

Not too bad of a day. I guess I'm kind of saying that sarcastically. I didn't accomplish anything. The weather channel said we were supposed to get 1-3 inches of snow today. Okay, I can deal with that. It looked horrible outside by 1500. Great. Just what I wanted to drive in to get to class tonight. It just got worse as the evening progressed.

I tried and tried to study- or at least look over my quizzes, etc. for my Mod C and Hazmat test for tonight. I didn't get very far- I kept getting queasy and running to the toilet before I vomited all over myself. I'm not sure if it was about the test or maybe the flu, but thank God I'm feeling a bit better now.

Driving to class was ridiculous. Tonight, since it was a test night, the class was held at a neighboring department. (This department sends their recruits to our academy) I'm glad it was so because this station is much closer to my apartment than my station. I think it took me 20 minutes to go 3 miles- no joke. None of the roads seemed to have even been touched by a snow plow.

I got to class just on time. We waited. And waited. My instructor forgot that class wasn't at our station tonight-so he was late. Isn't that funny. We got through "review" and took our test. I had a really bad feeling once I turned mine in that I didn't do well at all. Then I waited about 15 minutes for the rest to finish. Our instructor gave us another lecture on how "chiefs have their monthly meetings and talk about everybody" and about things previous students got wrong on the state Mod C test. Good times. Not. I was just ready to go home and go to bed. Shortly there after we got our scores- mine was above an 80 so I was okay. Most of the others didn't fare quite so well. As long as I can pull that off on the state test on Saturday- I'm good to go. We shall see.

Driving home was even worse than coming. I think we probably got six inches of snow by now. My car wasn't designed for the snow. I drive a Chevy Cobalt...not good traction. I warmed up my car while I brushed off the snow. My car almost got stuck leaving the department right as I was pulling into the road; my tires were spinning. My car has a little computer thingy that tells the temperature, mileage, etc. on it. I also discovered several weeks ago that when it drops below 33 degrees it says "ice possible." Tonight, as I slid onto the road, it said "low traction." I was just like, "No shit, Sherlock." My car was all over the place. I rode it in second gear all the way home, and currently I think it is stuck in the parking space I put it in. The butt of the car was sticking out about three feet because I couldn't pull up any farther because I was stuck...oh well. I'll let the maintenance people deal with it tomorrow.

I see some good R & R happening now with some hot chocolate...mmm


Blogger Sabine said...

Thanks for your comment yesterday. I really appreciated it. My decision will be made by this summer, so i still have a couple of months. On another note. I hope that you do well on the state test tomorrow. And that it stops snowing so that your car can go a little faster than 3 miles in 20 minutes. Anyway, good luck !!!

Blogger Ambulance Girl said...

Thanks Sabine,
I hope I do well too. I'm freaking out but I'll get over it by the time I have to take the test. The snow has cleared somewhat so hopefully my car will run better.


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