28 December 2005

Drivers Ed

I realized today that if all else fails-I could become a very good taxi driver. I think it was "bring your grandma to drive day" because NOBODY on the road knew what they were doing. At one light, the lady in the lane next to me (there were 3 lanes and 2 turning lanes; I was in the middle lane) gunned it when the light to turn (you know, the arrow) turned green. She then slammed on her brakes in the middle of the intersection, making everyone in oncoming traffic stop and go around her to turn.

Then, I pulled into a parking lot to go pick up my cat from the vet. Sure enough there is a guy in the left lane that actually wanted to go right, so he cut me off. Then there was a stupid kid walking around and decided to walk right in front of my car...And he couldn't even speed up his pace so that I didn't have to slam on my brakes again. Grrrr....

I went inside the vet's office to get my cat. I guess he was a complete spaz for them-he even tore at his bed so much that the stuffing was coming out; it took two people to hold him down to get his vaccines. Ridiculous. As I was waiting for paperwork, the stupid kid that I nearly ran over walked into the office. I don't think he recognized me as the one that nearly ran him over...that's good, even though it would have been his own fault anyways.

I still haven't packed anything but my first aid kit for my trip. I had a bad dream last night that made me even more paranoid about the flight. It was like a mass casualty-in a medical sense. There was a woman in labor, and a guy having a heart attack. I finally delivered the baby and she was okay-so was the mom. Glad I had the OB kit with. Then the guy with chest pain went unconscious and stopped breathing-no pulse. (This all happened like 20 minutes after the plane took off). I was exhausted doing CPR, and I used an AED but he was flatline. The friend I was with (also an EMT) helped. I ended up teaching people on the plane how to do CPR because I was getting too tired to continue, and we still had more than an hour left of the flight. What a nightmare. All I could think about while the others were doing CPR was, "I sure am glad I packed that BVM," and "who the hell am I supposed to call for medical control?" Yeah, pretty damn stupid, huh. My brain just likes me to get pumped up. I was the one having chest pain when I woke up in a cold sweat at 0400. Then I realized that I wasn't on an airplane and nobody needed CPR. Whew. Hopefully this wasn't a bad omen.

I leave in less than 24 hours. Yikes. I have to pack light because we are taking the train down to Midway airport. I don't want to have to lug too much stuff with me. If nothing else-I have my first aid stuff. If my dream was any prediction...I would almost rather drive to New York.

I just can't wait for tomorrow. I definitely need this vacation. I am so sick of being off of work. Most of the time I feel like I'm on house arrest. I have read more books (that aren't textbooks) in the past month than I think I have in several years. Either way, I have definitely read some entertaining stories. I just finished reading "Lights and Sirens" by Joan E. Lloyd and Edwin B. Herman. It was rather good. They actually have a total of 5 books that I know of. They are all from the 90s, but they were still good reads.

My roommate is moving out soon. It will be nice to have the place to myself. I just realized that I am definitely done with the whole "roommate" thing unless it is my future husband (or of course a family member in need). There are just too many issues with space and cleaning and just about everything possible. I have a 2-bedroom apartment right now. I plan on finishing out the lease. I will just have a lot of room. I am in the smaller bedroom right now, but when she is done moving I will have the master bedroom. It is going to be really weird because I have absolutely no furniture except what is in my bedroom-bed, vanity, bedside table, and a desk. That's all she wrote.

I guess I will throw my sleeping bag out on the living room floor and use it as a "couch" when I want to watch cable :) Or maybe I will just draw pictures and lay them around the room where the furniture should be. Either way, I will have fun because the apartment has a tendency to echo when it is empty (which always confuses people when they are on the phone with me. Try explaining to someone why you sound like your in a cave when you're actually at home...and it is because your furniture in the living area consists of a sleeping bag and pictures of the furniture that should be there). After a while they will get used to it. Anyways, a year ago I was living in a different apartment and the only furniture I had there was a bed (after the first 8 months of sleeping on the floor). Everyone knew exactly who I was (and where I was) when I talked to them-based on the echo; I call it free caller ID.


Blogger medic! said...

I slightly disappointed to see youve anonymized your blog. Ive done what I can to keep my employers identity out of mine, but I think unless your blog isnt anything more than a forum to bash your coworkers or release pt information, you should feel free to write about anything. I realize thats not the way of the world, but I wish you would reconsider posting altered(?) photos! Have fun in New York and dont admin CPR if theyre just sleeping!!!


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