27 January 2006


Today has been relatively uneventful. I ran some errands and paid some bills. That is about it. I had to drive to Libertyville to get leg warmers. Yep...I said leg warmers. I feel like I've been sent back to the 80s but oh well.

I can't believe my audition is tomorrow. I think I am going to make a complete and utter fool of myself. I guess it's not that big of a deal. There will probably be tons of people there-none that I know, and if I look stupid it won't really matter. The only problem is that I really do want to succeed. Part of it is just to prove everyone wrong that thought I wouldn't go through with the whole "dance" thing. (I feel like I'm on an episode of "Made" on MTV). But, the rest of me wants to do this just for me. I have a good time dancing and it is kind of an outlet for me. Oh well, we shall see what I think about it after tomorrow.


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