17 January 2006

Sleep is Definitely Overrated

Another day with no sleep. I got back from work around 0900. My mom and brother came down today because my mom had an interview at a local hospital. My mom slept for a good portion of the morning because she drove all night to get here (over 320 miles). I took my brother on the grand tour of the town. He got to see the fire station I work at, the station for my ambulance company and all the wonderful parts of town. He hasn't been down here for years; since before I moved down here for college in the beginning of 2003.

I took my mom to her interview at 1600. I guess it went really well. If all goes well she will be moving down here within the month. She can't stand the weather and the "tiny town" atmosphere of northern Wisconsin. They had to leave right afterwards because she had to work overnight.

I had just enough time to shower and get my bag packed for work. I'm at the fire house tonight. I am hoping for calls, but no such luck yet. They toned out for a call that should have been ours, but for some reason they gave it to the next town over-the usual confusion on the borders. Oh well. Maybe more to come tonight. I just have to finish checking out the rig and work out my February schedule. Then maybe I will get some sleep. I start school tomorrow at 0930.


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