22 January 2006


I can't believe how late it is already. When my shift falls on a Sunday it is always up in the air as to whether we will be busy or slow. It is never in between. Today I am going with the latter. We did one call- a return to a nursing home for a 58 year old man s/p left BKA. It was a quick call and we were back in quarters...and we still are.

My tongue is killing me. I look like I am having an allergic reaction to something. It is so swollen :( I'm really not too sure what possessed me to do it. Oh well. (Just don't tell my mom...). I tried to eat some ice cream and soup, but two bites in I couldn't eat anymore.

I have slept for a considerable portion of the day. I didn't bring my school books, which was a stupid idea because I had plenty of time to study. I think I got myself in pretty deep this semester- 19 credits is going to kill me. Oh well. If the online class doesn't work out I guess it won't be too bad-I'll just have to eat the cost for the books. We shall see. I would like to finish all the classes if I plan on getting my degrees any time soon.
We did a couple other calls. All of which interrupted the night perfectly so I didn't get to sleep. We did a psych transport. The guy was in 4-point restraints when we got to the ER. The staff said he had "cooled down" so they removed the restraints. He was acting slightly odd, but he was okay for the ride. When we took him upstairs we told him to have a seat in the conference room and someone would be right with him-he slammed the door in my face. Nice. I talked to the security guard later at night after we returned from another call. I guess he was wandering into other patient's rooms and acting psychotic again so they had to medicate him and put him in the quiet room. Oh well. I ended up in Skokie once. Then another call about 1 1/2 hours later. Damn. Oh well. Another busy day of school ahead.
I have pictures of the fire coming soon; as soon as I get a chance to use my own computer.


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