20 January 2006


I got to class on time at 1100. It was somewhat interesting. I realized just how much different I am from my classmates. They were all awake and talkative-having just slept through another night. I had sped my way to the college for fear of being late, still in my uniform, I didn't get to shower, and I was on my second can of mountain dew AMP. Halfway through the lecture I cracked open my third. I was exhausted, but jittery from all the caffeine. I barely made it through the lecture without falling asleep.

I also noticed how much I know (or how little others know) about medical problems. We were talking about different psychological theories and one of the guys brough up diabetes. He was trying to associate it with what we were studying. It seemed to make perfect sense to him, my professor, and the rest of the class. Only, they don't know the disease process and how the body truly works. I almost spoke up and tried to explain why that was wrong, but decided against it because I'm sure nobody would understand what I was saying. So, I just kept to myself and enjoyed the rest of the class as people piped in about other assorted diseases that they didn't understand.

I had to drive 15 miles to get shoes for dance class. Wow are they expensive. Oh well. I ran a lot of errands and cleaned up the house. I hung out with a good friend of mine for most of the day.

We got a terrible snow storm. I knew it was coming but the TV said 3-5 inches. What they didn't say was that we should really expect about a foot and it is extremely heavy snow. Thank God my friend had 4-wheel drive on his jeep. We decided around 2100 to go to Wal Mart. We saw many people in the ditches, but no good accidents. We bought some saucers to go sledding with. We drove to both my fire department and his to say hi. His department had already ran 10 calls since the snow started falling around 1800. They were crazy busy. Most were for downed wires or transformers that had exploded, I think there might have been one or two rescue calls mixed in.

We are back at my apartment now listening to the pager. Hopefully we'll get something good-even if it's only to watch. By the time we would make it to the station in this weather we wouldn't make the first out engine/ambulance anyways.


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