22 May 2006


Pretty slow day. Our first call wasn't until about 1300, and by the time we made it out to the ambulance they cancelled us.

We sat around some more for a few hours. Then we got a psych transfer. Nothing special. We did almost all psychs for the rest of the shift.

We did a transfer to the state mental hospital. We were told that our patient was very aggressive, was in 4-point restraints and was being sedated for the transport. Great. I poked my head into the room to see what we were getting ourselves into. He looked like a giant-massive head. He was probably 6'7 or so. He wasn't really sedated, but he wasn't yelling out either. He was cool with us for the 65 mile transport. Good times.

We did another psych to the local psych facility. A lot of depressed people recently.

Called for hypoxia-pt on a vent. Those are always fun. The only guarantee is that the patient will be massive. Since we don't carry a vent, we would be bagging the patient all the way to the hospital. The gouy was about 400 pounds, and I requested backup for both the lift assist and somebody to help me in the back. The guy's sats would drop into the 50s, but come back up with suctioning. He had just been released from the hospital on the 19th. His blood pressure was about 70/P. That was quite nice too. By the time we got to the ER I got his pressure up to 117, and his sats were 100%. I must be a miracle worker today :).

Last call was for chest pain. It was a 17 y/o girl. Her chest started hurting at 0600 when she was in the shower. We didn't take her until almost 0800. Nice. She said that it was 8/10 pain, but freaked out when we gave her aspirin and started an IV. I have a feeling that'll be the last time she has chest pain.

Held over yet again. I have to go home and finish moving all my junk to the house.


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